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The American Living Organ Donor Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to serving living organ donors.  We fully believe that helping living organ donors will make more donations possible, but our goal is to serve donors — to fill their needs, support their rights, and protect their interests. If doing so increases the number of donations, all the better, but increasing the number of transplants is not our top priority — living organ donors are.

All contributions made through the American Living Organ Donor Fund website go directly to helping American living organ donors and are tax deductible contributions. The Funds administrative costs in the past three years have averaged around 10% which is extraordinarily good for a charity.  All our staff, except our accountant, are non-paid volunteers, we pay no rent, and spend very little on fundraising so most of your dollar goes where you want it to go — to help living organ donors.

The American Living Organ Donor Fund is dedicated to helping American living organ donors. We neither encourage nor discourage donation — we work with donors to help them make the most informed decision possible, and if they decide to donate, we work to make their donation experience as medically and financially safe as possible.

Giving an organ, like receiving one, is a life-changing event.  We at the Fund believe living donors are heroes and should get all the financial and social support they need to limit the burdens of their donation.

In the United States, it costs more to donate an organ than to get one. This is because insurance, Medicare, and charities, are in place to help transplant recipients.  Similar assistance is currently not available for living donors.  With one study showing that 24% of donors who had originally wanted to donate, pulled out because of financial consideration.  And other studies showing that it costs donors more to donate than most have savings in the bank, we realized that by helping living donors meet their expenses, we could help them save the lives of their intended organ recipients.

All revenue collected through this website will go directly towards helping living donors meet their expenses.  If you would like to help us make the Fund a permanent charity, please consider sending a check to help us cover future administrative costs.  Contact Sigrid@ethical-solutions.org for more information, or send your contribution directly to

Carol Corbin, Treasurer
American Living Organ Donor Fund
40357 Featherbed Lane
Lovettsville, VA  20180

The American Living Organ Donor Fund has many devoted individuals who are volunteering to help get the organization going.   We are a diverse group of people who are all donor advocates. We believe the existing system is unfair to living donors and are going to do everything in our power to help limit the barriers to living donation.  In addition to working with this charity, many of us are also actively working to change the law (www.stopOTN.org), protect dialysis patient’s rights (www.dialysisadvocates.com), and help transplant donors and recipients find each other (www.LKDN.org). Please see other tabs for the bios of the members of our board of directors and officers.

Some of us are also involved in the organization Stop Organ Trafficking Now! which is working to change the laws to make it legal to help donors with more than just travel, lodging, and lost wages.   But, while the battle to change the law continues, we at the Fund wanted to start helping donors now.

The American Living Organ Donor Network (aka American Living Organ Donor Fund)  is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt charity dedicated to protecting the rights of living organ donors and providing them with the support they need to make their donations as stress free and cost-neutral as possible. Our financial statement (990 IRS annual tax filling), Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws are available on GuideStar and upon written request at info@alodf.org or from the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs.