Here you will find articles about living organ donation. We’ve included articles that discuss medical and general trends in living donation. But note, this is not a comprehensive data base.  These are just the articles that the staff of the American Living Organ Donor Fund thought might be of use or interest to you. We have intentionally included both positive and negative articles in the interest of providing you with a wide range of information.

We welcome your suggestions for articles that might be helpful for living donors, but please nothing published before 2013. Please email us at — here —  (attach a pdf of the article).


GENERAL ARTICLES ON LIVING ORGAN DONATION (Donor rights, government policies, new ideas for assessing donor risk, research on cost of donation, and more — but non-medical. Medical articles are in the next section below)

**Occupation: Kidney Donor, Part 2: Risk Exchange¨ in Contingencies Magazine, American Academy of Actuaries (Sept./Oct. 2016)

**Occupation: Kidney Donor, Part 1: Risk Ranking” in Contingencies Magazine, American Academy of Actuaries (May/June 2016)

**Where’s the Safety Net? Living Organ Donors are People, Too” on the Huffington Post Blog (June 2016)

**Newest Study On Living Organ Donor Costs” in American Journal of Transplantation (Jan. 2016)

**Transplant Nephrologists and Surgeons: Do More to Increase Living Donation” in The National Kidney Foundation (Oct 2014).

**The Costs of Donation, Study Reported” in Progress in Transplantation (2014).

**Cost of Donation in the United States” in  American Journal of Nephrology (2014).

**Ireland passes law to compensate donors” in Irish Times (Sept. 2014).

**Effect of Paid Leave on Living Donation” an Economic white paper by Firat Bilgel (2012?).

**Barriers to Living Donation, Study Reported” in Canadian Medical Assoc. Journal (2006).



(Note there is also a “risks and benefits” button on this website that includes a section on possible complications with urls to relevant medical articles.)

** Student Research Memo: Pregnancy after Kidney or Liver Donation”

** Screening Living Organ Donors for Genetic Diseases” in American Journal of Transplantation (2017).

**Some kidney donors may develop kidney disease” in New England Journal of Medicine (Feb. 2016)

**Moving Closer to Understanding the Risks of Living Kidney Donation” in Journal of Clinical and Translational Research (Dec. 2015)

**Need for Long-Term Health Studies” in Medical News Today (Nov. 2015)

**Know Your Surgeon’s Skill and Experience Level” in Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery (Aug. 2015)

**Effect of Donation on Living Organ Donor Vitality” in Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings (June 2015)

**Sexual Function after Liver Donation“in Journal of Liver Transplantation (April 2015)

**Most Living Liver Donors Have no Long Term Health Effects” in Journal of Hematology (Jan. 2015)

**Arterial Stiffness and Hyperfiltration” on Living Donors 101 website blog/update (Jan. 2015)

**Living Organ Donor Satisfaction” in Clinical and Transnational Research (2014).

**Reassessing Risks to living Kidney Donors” in Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (2014).

**Risks of Living Kidney Donation” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Oct. 2014).

**Gestational Hypertension and Preeclampsia in Living Kidney Donors” in New England Journal of Medicine (Nov. 2014).

**Risks of ESRD in Living Kidney Donors” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Feb. 2014).

**Long Term Risks to Kidney Donors” in Kidney International (2013).

**More Genetic Considerations for Living Donors” in American Journal of Transplantation (2012).

**Survey of Living Donors Quality of Life” in Open Journal of Organ Transplant Surgery (Oct. 2012).

**Organ Donation has Consequences Some Donors Aren’t Prepared For” on NPR (Health) Blog (July 2012)

**Risks in Life After Living Kidney Donation” in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (May 2012).

**Genetic Component to Risks for Living Donors” in American Journal of Transplantation (2011).