Other Living Organ Donor Resources

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National Organizations

Alliance for Donation Transplantation Awareness and Support (ADTAS)
The ADTAS has support groups all over the country dedicated to raising public awareness on organ donation, as well as helping patients through the transplant process.


American Kidney Fund
The American Kidney Fund provides limited grants to needy living kidney donors to help cover the costs of health-related expenses, transportation and medication.


American Liver Foundation
Transplant Fund to assist patients and families in fundraising efforts for liver transplantation. The Foundation acts as a trustee of funds raised on behalf of patients to help pay for medical care and associated transplantation expenses, which may include expenses related to a living liver donation.


Live On Organ Donation
A private charity that helps living organ donors with their donation related expenses.


American Organ Transplant Association
(The American Organ Transplant Association is a private, non-profit group that provides free or reduced airfare and bus tickets to transplant recipients and their families. Donors who are family members can apply for assistance.)


American Transplant Foundation
(The Patient Assistance Program is designed for the most vulnerable patients with significant financial hardship.)


Angel Flight
(Angel Flight provides free air transportation on private aircraft for needy people with health care problems).


Children’s Organ Transplant Association
COTA is a national, non-profit agency that raises funds for individuals and families to assist with transplant, living donor, and related expenses. They work with some adults as well as children


Cirrhosis Online Support Group
This online support group involves a vast community of patients, family members, and friends who are dedicated to dealing with Cirrhosis.


Georgia Transplant Foundation
The Georgia Transplant Foundation helps organ transplant candidates, living donors, recipients and their families by providing information and education regarding organ transplantation and by granting financial assistance.


 Living Donors 101
General information website for living organ donors including some info on financial resources


Air Care Alliance
(Air Care Alliance listed groups may be able to provide free or low cost flights for medical evaluation and surgery for living donors.)


Liver Families
Liver Families works to provide an active, international, online community through its support group forum.


Liver Hope – HCV Support, Inc.
Liver Hope offers a peer support group through their active online forums.


Live On Organ Donation, Inc.
Live On Organ Donation is an organization that promotes organ donation awareness and provides support to organ donors and recipients.)


Liver Transplant and Hepatitis C Online Support
This online support group forum is dedicated to helping patients through the transplant process through a community that answers questions, acknowledges concerns, and offers support.


National Foundation for Transplants
The National Foundation for Transplants provides financial assistance & advocacy to transplant candidates and recipients with significant costs not covered by insurance. They may also help a transplant recipient’s donor.


National Kidney Foundation
The NKF offers a peer support program that transplant patients can join to gain a one-on-one support with a peer to help get through the transplant process.


National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC)
The National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC) may be able to pay for up to $6,000 of the living donor’s (and his or her companion’s) travel and lodging expenses. The transplant center where the recipient is waiting must apply on the living donor’s behalf. Both the donor and recipient must prove neither makes more than 300% above the poverty line.


National Transplant Assistance Fund.
The National Transplant Assistance Fund helps people raise money in their communities to cover uninsured medical expenses.


Nielsen Organ Transplant Foundation
The Nielsen Organ Transplant Foundation provides financial assistance to pre- and post-transplant patients in the Northeast Florida area. It may also provide assistance to the donors of transplant patients it is assisting.


Renal Support Network
The RNS support group strives to encourage and assure patients that a living a fulfilling life is possible, despite renal having renal disease.


Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc.
The Second Wing Lung Transplant Organization’s support group strives to maintain its mission of improving the quality of life of lung transplant patients, lung transplant candidates, and family members of the patients through advocacy, education, information, guidance, and more.


Transplant Recipients International Organization, Inc.
The TRIO/United Airlines Travel Program is a cooperative arrangement between TRIO and the United Airlines Charity Miles Program. It provides TRIO members and family members with cost-free air transportation when travel is transplant-related. A donor who is donating to a family member who is a TRIO member may qualify.


The Compassionate Friends, Inc.
The Compassionate Friends offers a variety of support groups through their chapters across the nation, as well as their online forum community dedicated to helping members through the transplant process and educating the public about organ donation.

Transplant Buddies
The TransplantBuddies site provides information about the transplant process, resources covering drugs and side effects, and daily discussions about living life as a transplant patient. The site also includes members’ photos and life stories covering experiences of both transplant recipients and donors.

United Organ Transplant Association
This association has two support groups that provide the help that transplant patients need to get through the transplant process.

Donation and Transplantation Organizations
These organizations and associations are focused on donation and transplantation, diseases, and related health services. Most offer volunteer opportunities, and can also supply information and services.

American Organ Transplant Association
the American Organ Transplant Association (AOTA) was fortunate to partner with Continental Airlines from 1988 to 2004 to provide free airline transportation to patients and donors in order to get them to their Transplant Centers for evaluation, surgery and aftercare. Greyhound Bus Lines has remained as a huge supporter of AOTA and the patients, families, and donors by providing free bus transportation all over the United States..

Living Kidney Donors Network
These organizations could provide Financial Assistance for those who need a Kidney Transplant and for Living Donors.

Military Organizations

Operation Once in a Lifetime

Link 1
Operation Once in a lifetime is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to make the dreams of U.S. Service Members, Honorable Discharged Veterans and their families come true.

Link 2
Operation Once in a Lifetime is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to make the dreams of U.S. soldiers come true. The dream of a soldier is to come home alive, unwounded, to train safe, to love his country, his unit and his family.


The Air Force Aid Society

Link 1
The AFAS is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to help relieve financial distress of Air Force members and their families and assist them in financing their higher education goals.

Link 2
Financial assistance for military & veteran families is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services to families that cannot afford the treatments and services their children require.


State-by-State Organizations



Alaska Kidney Patients Association (AKPA) Support
The AKPA Support is dedicated to providing kidney patients with education, support, and advocacy, as well as promoting organ donation and the prevention of kidney disease.


Alaska Transplant Resource Group – Life Alaska Donor Services
Life Alaska strives to support Alaska donor families, while also catering to the transplant needs of patients.



Abdominal and Liver Transplant Support Group – University of Arizona Medical Center The diverse transplant groups of the University of Arizona Medical Center aim to help patients through their recovery on a regular basis.


The New Life Society
The New Life Society provides services and support towards transplants patients in various ways. They help patients get through the challenges that arise with getting transplants and recovering, such as insurance challenges, finances, legislation, and the effects of immunosuppressants.



A Gift of Heart – Organ Transplant and Donor Support Group
A Gift of Heart’s mission is to help patients ease through organ donation and any difficulties of transplant surgery. The environment of a well-knit community brings comfort and inspiration to make a difference in the lives of transplant patients.

Bay Area Association of Kidney Patients
The BAAKP group provides the help, education, professional advice and support transplant patients need with the process of organ donation.


FAIR Foundation
The FAIR Foundation’s Liver Disease and Transplant support group provides patients with both educational and emotional support, as well as help in the organ transplant process. Additionally, they advocate for the USA organ donor policy to include financial incentives and to change government spending to having a more equitable distribution of research funds for all diseases.


Living Donation California
Living Donation California is an organization that works to promote and assist living kidney donations for donor recipients through its information and referral services.


Pre and Post Organ Transplant Support Group – ADTAS, Alliance for Donation and
Transplantation Awareness and Support

This group carries the vision of supporting and representing individuals who have had their transplant or are still on the waiting list in the utmost way possible. Their ultimate goal is to fully eliminate the need for a transplant waiting list.


Sacramento Area Liver Transplant Support Group
This support group provides peer support and education on related subjects to help both post and pre-transplant patients through the organ donation process.


Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
The SF Bay Area Chapter support group features support on various concerns such as medication, nutrition, and finances. In addition to patient support, they focus on raising public awareness on organ donation.


UC San Diego Health System Heart/Lung Transplant Caregivers Support Group
The UC San Diego transplant support group works to support both patients and their family through the process of organ donation with their experienced staff of surgeons, social workers, transplant coordinators, and more.



Brevard County Organ Transplant Support Group
The Brevard County Organ Transplant Support Group aims to help patients and their families adjust to a more normal everyday life.


Memorial Transplant & VAD Support Group – Memorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute
The MHS provides a large variety of support groups all across the South Florida area. The support groups aim to help individuals through their time as a transplant patient.


Organ Transplant Recipients of SW FL, Inc.
The mission of this support group is to assist recipients and those awaiting transplantation.


Palm Beach County North / South – Kidney Association of South Florida
The KASF support group, containing members that range from veteran patients to caregivers, helps support current patients through sharing their experiences and educating the public on organ donation.


Tampa Bay Liver Disease and Transplantation Support Group
The Tampa General Hospital provides a variety of different support groups to cater any transplant patient’s needs and preferences.



TripleHeart, Inc.
TripleHeart aims to help transplant patients all over the world by meeting their needs, answering their questions, and taking care of other concerns. It’s online forum contains a community of transplant patients who can interact and support each other in a variety of different ways.



Live Life! Pre & Post Transplant Support Group
This support group provides care, advice, and education towards pre and post-transplant patients.


Organ Transplant Support, Inc.
The Organ Transplant Inc. support group provides a variety of services for transplant patients, including counseling, education, and programs aimed towards patients and their families to aid in both transplant recovery and the pre-transplant process.



TRIO-Transplant Recipients International Organization
TRIO’s mission is to improve the quality of transplant patients’ lives through support, advocacy, education, and awareness.



Second Wind Lung Transplant Association of St. Louis, Missouri
The SWLTA is devoted to improving the lives of lung transplant patients and candidates, as well as those with pulmonary concerns, through support, service, guidance, and advocacy.



Champions of Organ Sharing (COS)
The COS support group aims give transplant patients the support they need to get through the transplant process.

New Jersey


Kidney/Pancreas Pre- and Post-Transplant Support Group
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s support group for transplant patients works to help patients through their recovery with professional medical support.


Second Chance Heart Transplant Support Group, Inc.
This local support group helps transplant patients through their recovery, as well as helping patients in need of financial aid.


Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) – Philadelphia chapter
This organization aims to help transplant patients cope with the challenges they face in the transplant process.

New Mexico


Organ Transplant Awareness Program Support Group
Organ Transplant Awareness Program Support Group carries a mission in supporting organ transplant, transplant candidates, recipients, organ donors, and families involved in the transplant process.

New York


Lung Transplant Educational Support Group – Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
The lung transplant educational support group at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center helps transplant patients with their lifestyle adaptations by providing a variety of staff to cater to patients’ needs.


Transplant Awareness Group (TAG)
TAG is a support group that works to improve the quality of life for transplant candidates, recipients, and their families through providing support, raising awareness, and educating on organ donation.


Transplant Awareness Organization (TAO)
This organization focuses on a variety of things, including providing support, education, and resources for transplant candidates, recipients, and their families, while also working actively to promote organ donation.


Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) – Long Island Chapter
This organization is dedicated to improving the quality of lives of transplant patients through education, support, advocacy, and organ donation and transplantation awareness.


Transplant Support Organization (TSO)
The TSO supports patients in all areas of transplantation. Their mission includes providing education, promoting organ and tissue donation as a social responsibility, increasing public awareness, and supporting patients, donors, and their families through the transplant process.


Transplant Recipient International Organization – Manhattan Chapter
The Manhattan Chapter of TRIO provides support, education, and advocacy for pre and post-transplant patients and their families.

North Carolina


Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc.
This support group improving the lives of lung transplant patients and candidates, as well as those with pulmonary concerns, through support, service, guidance, and advocacy



Buckeye GIFT – Giving Inspiration for Transplantation – Lifeline of Ohio
This organization promotes the donation of human organs and tissue for transplantation through the help of their vast community dedicating to improving the current transplantation process.


Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) Akron-Canton Chapter
This group provides support and information to transplant patients, candidates, donors, and their families.


NLODF Ohio Brochure , NLODF App.rev The National Living Organ Donor Foundation helps living organ donors in Ohio with their donation related expenses.  See brochure and application above.



HOPE Transplant Support Organization
This organization’s support group focuses on assisting patients with organ donation.



Liver Transplant Support Group – Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital
The transplant support group at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital provides self-help support for pre and post-liver transplant patients and their caregivers.



Pinnacle Health Transplant Services Support Group
The transplant group at the Pinnacle Health Campus provides information and support for transplant patients to help them get through their recovery.


Second Chance Heart TX Support Group
This support group’s purpose is to provide a place where medical experiences can be shared among members, provide public education and awareness on donation and organ transplant matters, and to raise funds to support the aforementioned purposes.


Western PA Kidney Support Groups
The WPA support group aims to improve the health of kidney patients and transplant members through learning more about the disease and providing support and guidance towards the members.

Rhode Island



Rhode Island Hospital Transplant Peer Support Group/Educational Series – Rhode Island Organ Donor Awareness Coalition
This support group involves a variety of members ranging from transplant recipients to health care professionals. Their main mission is to increase organ donation through a variety of different methods.



Baylor Scott & White Multi-Organ Transplant Support Group
The Baylor Scott & White support group is dedicated to providing a supportive, collaborative environment with their expertise and experienced staff to transplant patients.


Dialysis Support Group – Dialyspa Medical Center
This support group focuses on helping transplant patients during their time in dialysis.


Heart Exchange Support Group, Inc.
The Heart Exchange support group is committed to donor awareness and both emotional and financial support for transplant patients.



Kidney and Liver Transplant Support Group – Medical College of Virginia, Hume-Lee Transplant Center
The support group offered at VCU focuses on helping patients, donors, candidates, and their families through the organ donation and transplant process.


The Mended Hearts, Inc.
The Mended Hearts’ support group offers education about organ donation, assistance to patients, and support for family members, candidates, recipients, and donors.



TRIO NW Pediatric Transplant Support Group
TRIO is an organization whose main focus is to improve the quality of life of transplant patients and their families.)



Central Wisconsin Area Second Chance for Life
This support group is committed to supporting those on the transplant waiting list and those who have had transplants through its comfortable and sharing environment.


Froedert Awaiting Kidney Support Group
This support group works to help patients and their families get through the transplant process and offers a variety of different events and meetings, as well.


St. Luke’s Heart Transplant Support Group
The support group at St. Luke’s provides emotional, financial, and social support through having an environment where members share their personal experiences.


Vernon Memorial Hospital Heart Center Support Group
The VMH transplant support group is open to everyone who has received a transplant or is on the transplant waiting list. They offer an environment in which members can express their feelings and experiences without being judged.



The American Living Organ Donor Fund sponsored support group for both donors and people considering donation. ​


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